Tired of building structures and having nothing to do with them? Want to put them to the test in a PvP situation, but want more creative design and teamwork than Factions offers? Tribes PvP allows you to put your creations to the test in a rigorous PvP environment. Whether you use walls, castles, or booby traps, the only rule is war. No more miniature obsidian bases buried deep in the Earth or floating in the sky. No more monolithic cubes covered in water and lava. In Tribes, the best base is an epic base. It works like this:

  • When your territory is being invaded, your ability to place and break blocks is slowed down, just like in real life. It’s the same for the invaders. Whatever defenses you have is what you will have to use.
  • Enemies cannot fly or teleport over your walls. They will either have to break through them or find a way to scale them.
  • When you are offline, your territory is safe. No more logging back on to find your base ransacked. They must either attack you while you can defend yourself, or not at all. Tribes that are abandoned for more than a week will lose this protection.

There’s a few more features to add to the PvP experience, but those are the fundamental rules that govern PvP in Tribes.

What else is there?

At Minecraft Tribes, we try to keep the game as close to vanilla as possible to keep it intuitive for experienced Minecraft players. However, some improvements had to be made to get the most out of Minecraft PvP. These are the improvements that are currently in effect.

  • When you get hit by another player, your ability to heal is reduced for about 3 minutes. This makes attrition an important factor in battle.
  • Golden Apples, Health potions, and Potions of Regeneration cannot be consumed for the same reason.
  • Chorus Fruit currently cannot be consumed to prevent teleportation through territorial walls.
  • Elytras cannot fly into enemy territories.
  • Crops will only grow under direct sunlight, and animals can only be bred outdoors. Hidden underground bases come at a cost.
  • Arrows of Harming cause a little more damage to make them worth investing in.
  • Ender Chests are no longer for personal use, but for your whole Tribe. Whatever you put in an Ender Chest, your whole Tribe can use. The Ender Chest is the safest place to store your Tribe’s most valuable treasures.
  • Farm animals can be captured in Spawn Eggs by throwing an egg at them only while in your own territory. This is so you can preserve some of your animals if you are raided.
  • You cannot tame more than 3 wolves per person.
  • You can only teleport to other players while your inventory is empty. If you want to go somewhere in the world, you must foot it, ride a horse, or fly.

In addition to these features, we will support a full emergent player-based economy. Currency will be gold-backed as much as possible, and not subject to arbitrary inflation — dollars don’t exist until someone mines the gold for it.

Future Development

Here are some changes that will be made in the future, so keep these in mind when planning your Tribe.

  • Infinity bows will still use arrows, only at a slower pace. This will keep fletching an important trade craft.
  • Chorus Fruit, Golden Apples, and health-related potions will soon only be restricted when in a PvP conflict, and allowed everywhere else.
  • Tribes with aesthetic bases will be rewarded a Tourism bonus.

If you have suggestions, please visit our forum.

How do I learn to play

The best way to get started is to join the game and enter the command:

/t help

This will show you a comprehensive list of commands, along with detailed information about how to use them. Be sure the check the help pages for the sub-commands as well. For information about restricting access to switches and containers to certain people in your tribe, type:

/lock help

You can also click here to see a list of in-game commands on this website.

How do I join the server

The Minecraft server is at mc.minecrafttribes.com (that’s what you put in your Minecraft client). It is also highly recommended that you join the VOIP Mumble server so you can talk to your teammates without having to type. Mumble is like TeamSpeak, except that it has some advantages that TeamSpeak doesn’t. You can download Mumble here. After installing and setting it up, you can connect to our mumble server listed below.

Minecraft Server: mc.minecrafttribes.com
Mumble Server: mumble.minecrafttribes.com